Focus on Climate

We can

— Help your organization to better tell your climate change story through photography - for your website, presentations, and handout materials, and the like

— Accompany your organization’s personnel to photograph your activities on a climate-change-related project  

— Provide rapid response photography of events and climate-change-related situations, such as local flooding, wind damage, and sewage overflows

Our geographic area of concentration

—  The National Capital Region, including DC and surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia  

—  Areas where activity is adversely affecting the National Capital Region.  Examples: up-river strip mining and agriculture  

—  Areas that are being adversely affected by activity in the National Capital Region.  Example:  Chesapeake Bay wetlands

We cover the following themes

Harmful Behavior



•  Land use & land cover changes

•  Fossil fuel burning

•  Biomass burning

•  Meat/dairy/poultry production

•  Manufacturing processes

•  Natural gas leakage

•  Landfill

•  Fertilizer runoff

•  Industrial & residential waste

•  Mining

Water pollution

•  Air pollution

•  Rising seas

•  More damaging storms

•  Impact on flora & fauna

•  Impact on under-served communities

•  Wind damage

•  Flooding

•  Impact on DC from far-away activities, e.g.,
(mining, deforestation, agriculture, etc.)

•  Sedimentation and erosion

•  Replacement of single use plastic with recyclable paper products,

•  Water supply management

•  Water pollution identification and mitigation

•  Rainscapes


Public Engagement

•  Solar panels

•  Wind farms

•  Alternative energy sources via PEPCO

•  Forest carbon sequestration

•  Conversion to electric vehicles (e.g., USPS trucks)

•  Climate-change-related events

•  Demonstrations/calls for action

• Community cleanup initiatives

•  Websites

•  Press conferences

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