Focus on Climate

Who We Are

Our Focus on Climate team of photographers…

- Is a group of environmentally concerned individuals wishing to use their expertise in photography to further the efforts on climate change.

- Partners with community, non-profit and government organizations which, as part of their mission, pursue ways to address climate change, and protect and restore our natural environment.

- Delivers high-quality, compelling photographs, and photo narratives and stories which organizations can then incorporate into their own websites, and communications and education efforts.

- Assists for a single event or project, or for ongoing collaboration, depending on your organization’s needs, and the availability of our team members.

Our Geographic Area of Concentration

- The National Capital Region, including DC and surrounding areas in Maryland and Virginia  

- Areas where activity is adversely affecting the National Capital Region.  Examples: up-river strip mining and agriculture  

- Areas that are being adversely affected by activity in the National Capital Region.  Example:  Chesapeake Bay wetlands

Contact Us

- We encourage any individuals and organizations who are interested in availing of the Focus on Climate team’s services to contact Roy Sewall at

Earth Day River Cleanup, Oronoco Park, 1A Prince Street, Alexandria, VA - 4/24/2021
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